Couple attending a birthday party win $50,000 lottery prize

A Maryland couple attending a birthday party at a restaurant found their own reason to celebrate when they won $50,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The Kingsville couple told Maryland Lottery officials they were out celebrating a friend’s birthday at DeSantis Pizza Grill and Bar in Perry Hall when the husband decided to buy a few scratch-off tickets.

“I figured there would be no line because the Powerball excitement was over,” the man said.

The couple scratched off the tickets and discovered one was a $10 winner, but another was difficult to understand.

“I was looking at the bonus part and didn’t focus on the instructions at the bottom,” the wife said.

The couple put the tickets aside until a bartender passing by spotted the $5 Holiday Ca$h instant ticket and alerted them that it was a $50,000 winner.

The pair said they don’t have any immediate plans for their winnings, but they will continue to play scratch-off games.

“We’ve already bought more,” the husband said.