44 members of Texas family have graduated from Texas Tech

A family with roots in Texas was awarded a Guinness World Record when the organization verified that 44 members of the family graduated from the same university, Texas Tech.

The Wuensche family, who are mostly from Wilson, said their history with Texas Tech began when Francis Wuensche Holden graduated from the school in 1953, and the most recent former student, Andrew Simnacher, graduated in 2021.

An additional four family members are currently enrolled at the university and six others in high school have expressed an interest in going to Texas Tech.

The family applied for the Guinness World Record after Wendy Wuensche Armes found out the previous record for most family members to graduate from the same university stood at 40 family members.

“I noticed that we have a lot of Tech graduates and something in the Guinness World Record triggered me to think that we might be able to beat the record,” Wuensche Armes told KCBD-TV.

Family member Amber Wuensche Parker wrote on her Facebook page that counting spouses, extended family members and relatives who attended the school but did not earn their degree at the facility, 108 Wuensche family members have attended Texas Tech.